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Switch professions, land your next opportunity, or boost your job search process to beat the competition.

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With unemployment rates being the highest they have been since the great depression, the competition is unreal. Not only that, but businesses that are hiring are precision-focused on how you will add value for them…NOW. It is up to you to make that connection for them. It is in your best interest more now than ever, to seek professional advice from a career coach.

At a glance, a career coach would be a game-changer if you are:

>>  In competition with other talent
>>  Changing careers or advancing but are stuck in the search process
>>  Wanting to leverage your highest potential
>>  Sending out resumes but not getting call backs
>>  Looking to make the most money by negotiating strong

What’s in it for you?

I have interviewed hundreds of candidates and reviewed thousands of resumes. I knows who gets hired and why you might get passed over. I give you an edge by:

>>  Assessing your talents, abilities and true potential
>>  Increasing your self-awareness of what you have to offer employers
>>  Giving you tips on how to present the value you bring in the interview
>>  Defining your career goals and steps on how to create an action plan
>>  Helping you stay the course even with the personal impact, emotions and decisions that come with changing professions
>>  Increasing self-confidence
>>  Focusing on connections: how to leverage the ones you have and identify which ones you need

The Results Speak for Themselves:


My clients negotiate an average of 5-20% more in compensation/benefits


My clients have a 100% success rate in improving confidence, the final round of interviews, AND promotion opportunities


My clients have an impressive 95% success rate in landing the job

I OFFER 3 Career Transition Packages

Are you a corporate leader in a career transition?
Are you looking for help in retooling your resume for a new opportunity?
Are you eager for guidance and support to help knock down the barriers to getting a new job?

I offer 3 Career Transition Packages to suit your unique needs. Packages may include the following:

>>   Career Design
>>   Resume Review
>>   Salary Negotiation Coaching
>>   LinkedIn Profile Review
>>   Interview Coaching
>>   Mock Interview Practice Sessions
>>   Interview Debrief

>>   Informational Interview Strategies – Pre- & Post-Interview
>>   How to Leverage your Network for Job Opportunities
>>   Help Navigating Keywords Through Algorithms
>>   How to Manage Candidacy for Internal Application Process
>>   Nailing the First 90 days + Your Personal Implementation Plan

The majority of job seekers leave 10% or more on the table during negotiation (Clabaugh, 2017). Don’t let that be you.

I can help you close that gap…and then some.

Are you ready to land the job?

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