HR Consulting & Mentorship

I understand the challenge of being an HR practitioner and Executive for 12 years in a small business.

Tailored HR Solutions

I help businesses grow and stabilize serving as a Strategic HR Business Partner. Small businesses must be agile to deal with constant change. Many times HR is outsourced, limited in resources or head down in the day to day. Yet, there are real “people” needs that must be addressed for the business to grow and retain top talent.

I have been there. I understand the challenge of being an HR practitioner and Executive for 12 years in a small business. Many times I did not need the “Cadillac solution” that larger HR consulting firms would offer. I needed a “right now with what I have” solution.

For this reason, I am dedicated to partner with you to find a tailored solution for your business needs.

What I Bring to the Table

I have almost a decade of HR Executive experience. Some expert solutions that I offer include:

General HR Consulting

>>  Retention Strategy + Implementation
>>  Onboarding development + processes
>>  Recruiting strategies
>>  Strategic planning + facilitation
>>  Policy review + implementation

Specialty Areas

>>  Retention strategy + roadmap to keep your top performers engaged so you don’t have to start over
>>  Culture assessment, intervention and design to improve company performance and retain your top talent
>>  Strategic team facilitation to enhance business results. Topics include: company + people alignment, team building, development of strategic focus, mission, vision and values.
>>  Team behavior and motivation training to improve accountability, achievement of goals and strengthen team performance.
>>  Performance review + feedback design process to precision focus the results that matter.
>>  Leadership Development to equip your dream team.

HR Now

>>  On demand resource to assist with the issues you need help with right now.
>> This service also includes people and team issues: whether it be a disciplinary issue, harassment case, assistance with an investigation, termination decision and next steps and hiring decisions.

HR is highly unique with “one off” needs. If you don’t see what you need help with on this list, let’s come up with a custom solution for you.

Looking for effective HR solutions?

Join an HR Mastermind Group

Do you feel like you’re alone on an island when dealing with HR issues at work?
Are you a department of one or a small team managing multiple facets of HR at one time?
Are you hungry for support, guidance (and a whole lot of camaraderie) from others who have been in the trenches too?

Consider joining my HR Mastermind, a monthly meeting of the minds for HR professionals. This a group of power players, focused on creating an environment of peer support, professional growth and connection within the HR industry in Indianapolis.


>>  Monthly meetings for 4 hours in Indianapolis
>>  Content is a mix of training, industry best practices and issue resolution
>>  Group size: maximum of 12

This mastermind involves an application process and an invitation. Chemistry and fit are key to the success of a Mastermind. Which means it will be important to have quality of experience, knowledge and fit.


>>  Pros who have been in the industry for at least three years
>>  A solo HR department or are part of a small HR team
>>  Frequently wearing many hats—hiring, performance reviews, benefits, employee issues, culture/team initiatives

I can promise you this: You will not be the same, personally and professionally, after joining my HR Mastermind.

If you are intentional about your desire to accelerate your career, my HR Mastermind is for you.

Accountability is powerful. The American Society of Training and Development (ATD) did a study on accountability and found the following probability of completing a goal if:


25% success rate if you consciously decide you will work towards your goal.


65% success rate if you make a commitment to someone about your goal.


95% success rate if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to.
What this means for you:

The likelihood of getting new habits to stick, of following through on your assignments and reaching goals is remarkably higher when you join a Mastermind, hire a coach and have an accountability partner – ALL of which are part of this HR Mastermind…

By joining this HR mastermind you’ll be 95% more likely to achieve your goals.

Don't wait. Join my HR Mastermind.

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