Interview Mentoring Package

Before we get started, I want to give you a little overview of what to expect.

Our Process: Interview Mentoring Package

Meet + Greet

This is where we will talk about you! We will take a few minutes to chat about your career goals, some recent obstacles you have had, and of course, the status on your resume, LinkedIn and job search process. We’ll touch on a few immediate “how to suggestions” to give your career a boost. I want to provide something meaningful for you during our time together! Our conversation will give you a chance to see if you’d like to move forward towards landing your next career!

Discovery + You

This is our first official session together! I am so excited to start this process with you! We’ll do a deep dive into what you envision as your next career, what is important to you about your next leap and where are you stuck. Between this session and our Branding review, I will take a look at your current resume, LinkedIn profile and any other branding pieces (e.g. cover letter, references, portfolio, headshot) so we can get crackin!

Your Brand

During our second session we’ll go over your resume, my suggestions and make real time edits. We will also talk about ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out and also on improving your network wealth – you gotta have those connections to land your next career! We will also spend a little time on how to highlight your value, structure your resume, and choose a template that will help you stand out and impress. Added bonus – Your LinkedIn profile will complement your resume – consistency is essential for branding.

Your Brand + Review

Our third session will include a final review of your resume, LinkedIn profile and network connections. You are ready to start your job search campaign!! Let’s celebrate!

Interview Coaching

This is the secret sauce of our time together! Before and after each interview, we will prepare, strategize and debrief so that you can adjust, practice and you will stand out! These sessions are typically 15-30 minutes over the phone.

Salary Negotiation

This is the best part – because this is where you have the most leverage – the Company wants you! We’ll create a compensation/benefit counter offer– and let the negotiations begin! This is a sensitive process AND I will coach you along the way!

What else is included?

911-Hotline Calls with Lauren when the need arises

During our time together I am here for any and all questions or concerns related to your job search.  I understand that the interview process is unknown and you may have urgent questions. Please text or call for those urgent needs. I want to make sure I address them within 24 hours.

Revisions + Updates

This package includes up to 3 revisions of your resume. If you want more than 3 revisions, let us know. Maybe you are applying for a few different positions in different fields – and you would like help with those variations. We will provide that at a discounted rate. We want you to be happy with your personal branding piece.

What you’ll need:

>>   Google docs – this is so we can make real time edits/comments for your resume
>>   Purchase a Resume format (I have 3 templates that I recommend on Etsy: Black and WhiteCool Colors 1, and Cool Colors 2. They are approximately $7-10)
>>   Notebook
>>   Internet Access for our calls
>>   A quiet spot
>>   A cup of coffee☺ – because life’s just better with it!

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