Leadership Development Services

Leadership training, executive coaching and strategic team building all work to transform your organization from the inside out.

Leadership Development

The best companies invest in leadership. We provide a transformational experience for your leaders, providing the competencies to lead AND increase the capacity for your leaders to carry those out. I want true transformation for your leadership.

I work to help businesses grow in profitability, accountability and effectiveness by creating a transformational experience for leaders. This is not a workshop or an hour long inspirational message that is “put on a shelf”. This is life changing training through the experience of connection, accountability and trust.

Make the greatest investment for your greatest resource… your people.

Training Experience:

6 -12 month commitment that is 1/2 day or full day experience which includes:

>>  Team Coaching
>>  Competency training
>>  Emotional intelligence experiential
>>  Skill building
>>  High level accountability
>>  Leadership assessment and executive coaching

I focus on Transformational Leadership

“This is the leadership required to move an organization through major change. It involves creating and communicating a strong purpose—one that speaks in terms of outcomes. For this to be effective, leaders must lead based on true character—traits such as trust, honesty, and integrity. Transformational leaders build effective relationships with employees throughout the organization, and they encourage achievement.”
(Masi, R. J., & Cooke, R. A., 2000)


The best leaders elicit 3x the amount of best talent, energy, commitment and motivation from employees compared to their counterparts


Organizations see a return of 529% of the investment in executive coaching through increased productivity and  effectiveness (Manchester Inc study)

Executive Coaching

Are you a corporate leader or organization looking to accelerate your performance?
Are you a leader looking for help in advancing your career or increasing your influence?
Are you eager for guidance and support to help knock down the barriers between you and your highest potential?
Do you need a trusted partner and sounding board to help support you with your toughest challenges?

It’s time you consider hiring a coach. An executive coach can:

>>  Serve as a trusted thought partner to manage difficult challenges
>>  Support the Executive to gain traction and results for optimal desired results
>>  Strategize and creates a development plan to take the next career step
>>  Ask powerful questions to gain clarity in direction and in turn, results
>>  Give insight on self-limiting thoughts and behaviors
>>  Provide expertise with handling challenging employee, team and management dynamics

What’s in it for you?

Professionals that hire an executive coach report 6x a return on the investment (Fortune Magazine, 2001) – whether it is through:

>>  Increased margin with more time to do what you want
>>  Performance that gets you noticed
>>  More money for what matters to you
>>  Improved capacity to handle obstacles with ease
>>  Advancement + greater opportunity
>>  Better decisions + outcomes

Additionally, organizations see a return of 529% of the investment in executive coaching through increased productivity, engagement, effectiveness, strategic relationships, and team performance (Manchester Inc study).

Coached executives report coaching provided their companies an average ROI between 340% to 700%.

(Forbes, 2011)

Are you ready transform your leadership?

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