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With authentic experience, Lauren charms audiences with her dynamic wit and vulnerability.

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For more than a decade, Lauren Moffatt has been providing executive coaching, human resources consulting and leadership development programs for individuals and organizations in Central Indiana. She is a sought-after expert on topics related to leadership, human resources and personal development. With authentic experience, Lauren charms audiences with her dynamic wit and vulnerability. She is an amazing listener who truly understands the struggles leaders and HR executives face. Not only is she able to provide solutions to some of the biggest pain points audiences experience, but she is genuinely able to ignite a spark within each individual.

Keynote Speaking Topics:

Topics can be delivered in keynote, half or full day sessions.

Loss of Connection in the Workplace

The data speaks for itself— we are the most technologically connected and the least personally connected as we’ve ever been as a society. How does this show up in your office and in conversations with colleagues? We’ve actually forgotten how to meaningfully connect with others. The people on your team crave connection, but do you truly know how to connect beyond Instagram pictures and LinkedIn posts?  Companies need connection to thrive and grow. Leaders rely on connection to build a powerful team. Individuals count on connection with others to get them out of bed each day. In this session, you will learn how to use the key principles of human connection to create meaningful relationships at work.

The Drama Triangle

Do you find yourself caught in the crossfire of workplace drama?  Are you tired of dealing with other people’s problems?  What you probably don’t know is that the drama started when you stepped in…to the drama triangle.  Join me as I share stories from a 13 year career in HR, recognizing the drama triangle, navigating it and coming out on the other side.  Are you ready to end to the drama? 

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence gives leaders an edge. It is a powerful skill that will help individuals lead with greater influence and results. The process of improving self-awareness and mastering your emotions is a game changer for leadership success. Using the EQi 2.0 tool, leaders will gain clarity of their unique leadership potential and growth edge in emotional intelligence. Leaders will walk away with the “know-how” to improve their influence and accelerate their potential.

Crucial Conversations

No one likes conflict, AND every leader must excel at it! Master the art of leaning into difficult conversations. We will use a step-by-step process to help leaders through this overwhelming process. Improve this vital skill and see real-time results from this program. This is a hands-on, experiential training.

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