Lauren is the quintessential coach, thought partner, and engineer of professional transitions.  Recently, I made a bold decision to apply for a senior level leadership position in a new city and in a field that I had no experience with.  Lauren helped me research, prepare, and navigate the hiring process with confidence and professionalism.  Not only did I get the job, but I also negotiated the top end salary and benefits.  Lauren was essential in making this dream a reality by helping me apply strategy to the process and articulate my strengths in a way that left a resounding impact on my employer.

Richard Cummins

Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Bethel College

Lauren has been a professional pillar for me over the last few years. Put simply, she guides me in a way which helps me understand myself better, thus allowing me the opportunity to begin to address my shortcomings by understanding their root cause.

Rory Jewell

Manager, Technical Support, Vocera

I engaged Lauren to help with the transition to my current job. Lauren coached and guided me through an extensive interview process. She did the research on the company and the people I interviewed with and gave me insightful and helpful coaching before each interview, 8 in total!

I got the job…. a significant promotion and increase in  income with a fortune 100 company! I highly recommend having Lauren in your corner to help you navigate your next career move!

Lonnie Powell

Client Partner Mobile Solutions, Verizon Wireless

Lauren has been great as a coach to our staff. In particular she has accomplished something unique. She has found a way to motivate our key employees to go above and beyond the requirements of normal job duties. Stated differently, Lauren has discovered a system of motivating staff from the inside out so that a manager is not having to drive results; but instead, reaps the benefits of a staff member, who on their own accord, go above and beyond required duties.

Aaron Catoe

Regional Property Manager, 12 Oaks Senior Living

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